12 Easy Tips to Restoring Your Financial Image

  1. Order and Review all three credit reports 6 weeks prior to applying for a major loan ex) car; home etc. This will allow you to review for any errors and provide time to dispute and correct those mistakes.

  1. Never borrow money from family. This borrowing method has been known to sever blood ties.

  1. Keep your monthly debt usage ratio on revolving lines/credit cards at 20% or lower.



  1. Don’t rely on your credit cards for daily living expenses. That’s a sure way to fall into a financial pitfall.

  1. Don’t apply for multiple credit cards at once. Those “permissible” inquiries can decrease your credit scores.

  1. Be careful when applying for a car loan. Dealerships may run your application through their credit system numerous times just to get you approved – all of which will show up as separate inquiries on your credit report. This can wreak havoc on your credit scores.

  1. Create another stream of income that can sustain you – should something happen to your “bread and butter” job.

  1. IRAs and 401Ks are generally protected from bankruptcy and creditors.

  1. Be careful when settling debts with creditors and or collection agencies. Forgiveness of debt is considered income and can be reviewed as income and taxable per the IRS – if the amount left over from the settlement exceeds $600.Thus raising your tax liability.

  1. When borrowing from or lending to any individuals, always get an agreement in writing BEFORE monies are exchanged. Hand shakes don’t serve well in court.

  1. Don’t allow your eyes to become bigger than your wallet. Stay in control of your wants.

  1. If you can’t afford it with cash, you don’t need it on credit.

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